Rent a Car in Thessaloniki

Rent a Car in Thessaloniki

It is easy to rent a car in Thessaloniki. Most of the people who decide to rent a car in Thessaloniki usually wanted in order to travel around in Halkidiki and view its beautiful beaches, but also to travel in the North part of Greece as it has many beautiful places to discover. You may also rent a car from Thessaloniki and go to Athens or Volos (if you wish to visit Skiathos or Skopelos islands). In any case the possibilities can vary depending on your plans.

If you arrive at Thessaloniki airport most of the companies that rent cars have offices either inside the airport or just close to it. Some car rental companies have also offices at Thessaloniki train station.

If you would like to pre-arrange your car rental please find below some of our recommendations:

  • RentalCars: It is a search engine where you will find the best prices to rent your car choosing from many different brands and car hiring companies.
  • Kosmos Rent a Car: Greek company that rents cars since 1977. You may find here some of the best prices to rent your car. Its network in Greece is really big.

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