Helexpo Exhibitions

Helexpo Exhibitions

A number of Exhibition events take place in Helexpo’s facilities every year. You may find more info bellow:

Exhibitions related with the Sector of Construction and Energy

Infacoma: International Exhibition for construstruction, materials, insulation, door and window frames, sanitary ware, pre construction and technology.
Marmin: International fare for Marble, Stones, Minerals, Marble Constructions, Machinery and Equipment.
EnergyTech: International Exhibition for Renewable and Conventional Energy Sources, Energy Saving, Technology and the Environment.

Exhibition related with the Sector of Jewellery

Kosmima: International Exhibition for Jewellery, Clocks,and Watches, Precious Stones, Machinery and Equipment.

Exhibitions related with the Sector of Furniture and Decoration

Furnima: International Exhibition for of Machinery- Raw Materials – Tools- Supplies and Equipment for Furniture.
Furnidec Business: International Furniture Exhibition

Exhibitions related with the Sector of Primary Production

Agrotica: International Exhibition for Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Supplies.
Zootechnia: International Exhibition for livestock and Poultry 

Exhibition related with the Sector of Culture

TIBF: Thessaloniki International Book Fair.

Exhibition related with the Sector of Services

Polis: International Exhibition for Local Government, Public and Social Sector and Private Enterprises.

Exhibition related with the Sector of Tourism

Philoxenia: International Tourism Exhibition.

Exhibitions related with the Sectors of Food and Beverages

Artozyma: International Exhibition for Bakery, Confectionery,Raw Materials, Equipment, Products.
Detrop: International Exhibition of Food, Beverages,Machinery, Equipment.
Oenos: International Wine Fair.
Biologica:International Exhibition of Organic Products.