Thessaloniki Attractions

Thessaloniki Attractions

Thessaloniki … the second largest city in Greece. What does it really has to show to a tourist? Which are its attractions? I admit that 7 years ago I could not be able to answer this question. I am not a native of this city and I due to this I did not know it so well. My mother gave birth to me in Thessaloniki but my family lives in a village 40km west of Thessaloniki. Until I finished school I was visiting it a couple times every year, mainly to participate in table tennis competitions with my village team :). Later on when I happened to move and live in Thessaloniki for a few years I would also not be able to answer this question. Maybe because I did not know its history. I did not have the curiosity to understand how so many ancient sites were founded inside the center of this city.

The years passed, I left from Thessaloniki but come back again and the same cycle continued for more than two times and still continues. But this time, growing up, maybe I the ‘microbe’ of this city really hit me. I started getting stimuli and have queries. I had to help my friends (foreigners visiting Thessaloniki) to visit the city. And so somehow suddenly I decided to read about its history …. And after these somehow the pieces began to connect. The truth is that I am not known for my good memory so I thought a site that would be similar to a travel guide to the city of Thessaloniki would help me not to forget all the things I like about this town. And that’s how I got the idea and started to build this site.

With a lot of effort but great pleasure I began to visit all these places that can be considered attractions for the city of Thessaloniki and started to take their photos. Thanks to my friend Dessi who always liked to make me a company and even had visited some of these places by herself when for me it was not possible due to my work time schedule. She really helped me gather all these material about Thessaloniki’s attractions!

And this is how more or less I reached the point to be able to speak and propose to people interested in visiting the city of Thessaloniki about its attractions. The list of tourist attractions is big! If you are interested in reading about all these attractions and would like to visit as many as possible please continue reading.

Infinite museums, Byzantine and Old Christian period monuments which are protected by UNESCO, interesting attractions for families, city squares of historical interest, historic buildings from all the historic periods of Thessaloniki, beautiful neighborhoods with a human face and a few others suggestions are listed in this section of the website. Reading through would make you feel that you will need a lot of time to ‘travel’ to this city. Most of the attractions are located in Thessaloniki’s historical center and you can visit them on foot or with the help of the city’s urban bus line or using the touristic bus. One look at the map below will convince you about this.

I will be very happy if this list is useful for you. Visit the facebook page of this site to be able to find it easily again also during the time you will be in Thessaloniki. I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures on its facebook wall. It will be a pleasant surprise! If you need further information about the city of Thessaloniki or would like to comment about my page just leave me a note below and I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.