3rd Polyglossy Fest Thessaloniki

3rd Polyglossy Fest Thessaloniki

The municipality of Thessaloniki in cooperation with the Municipal Company Information Spectacle and Communication (DEPTHE) is organizing the 3rd Polyglossy Fest, in an effort to support multiculturalism and Thessaloniki as a Polyglotti city as it has been during all its history. The event was first established in 2013 and since then it takes place every year at the end of May. This year it will take place at the 22nd-23rd-24rth of May 2015 inside and in front of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

The Polyglossy Fest of 2014 presented actions and events which related to:
– the interaction of languages and cultures within the social and educational reality
– conflict management through an alternative management of the school multilingualism which highlights the relationship between the school-education-municipality
– the narratives between the generations on the languages ​​and cultures in Thessaloniki
– informal educational types of multilingualism.

The people who will visited the event ιν 2014 had the chance to watch up to 220 different events and happenings that were organized by 105 institutions that are active in the city of Thessaloniki. Events like theatrical and musical performances in many languages, multilingual workshops, intercultural activities, language presentations, historical records of Thessaloniki linguistic paths, graffiti laboratories in other languages, photography exhibitions, food from local cuisines, educational projects, research programs and many more.

As part of the Polyglossy fest happenings, the courtyard of Thessaloniki Municipality building also transforms into a space for hosting stands with the participation of organizations from representatives of several countries like: Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Egypt, Spain, Armenia, Austria, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, Romania, Senegal, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

If you happen to be in Thessaloniki at the end of May, I believe this is an event that worth visiting even for a while.

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