Camping in Greece

Camping in Greece

Come on the summer has not finished yet. There is still a few weeks left to enjoy the beautiful beaches in Greece. Greece might be an expensive destination for a lot of people but there are still plenty of low cost solutions that can allow you to fully enjoy the summer in Greece. Sometimes, maybe even more than if you had chosen an expensive holiday packet.

Thus, in this article I would like to bring your attention to making camping in Greece. I myself was not such a big fan of camp sites until I met a friend who introduce me to the pleasure of leaving such an experience. This year I even tried doing free camping in Greece in a small island for seven days and it was a fantastic experience!! So, if you are still not a great fan of camp sites, I would advise you to give it a try in Greece. Most of the camping sites are very well organized and you will not regret it. Of course they are not luxury hotels but in some cases they can be pretty close.. For example, you can even rent small houses or caravans with air-condition that are few meters away from the sea!! Just thing about it… You can spend your holidays, close to the sea, with all the facilities that a renting apartment can provide you. In some camp sites they can even change your sheets, supply you with a barbecue etc. etc.!

I will not propose to you where to go but I will try to help you with how to find the camping that will be right for you. There is a very good website that I like to visit when I am in an area I do not know and I am searching for a camping to stay for a night or more. This website belongs to the Pan-Hellenic Camping Association and contains a list of all the campingsites you can find in Greece. Greece camping sites are dozens but this website will help you search for them on the map and by destination.

Thessaloniki does not have a camping. This is probably because Halkidiki and Pieria are so close to it that the people prefer them instead. Both Halkidiki and Pieria are famous as summer tourist destinations and each of these areas has many camping sites to choose from.

For those of you who do not have a lot of experience with camping some notes for the things that can be useful to check in your research:
– If the camp site has a website, check if there is plenty of shadow. Greece is too warm in the summer and your tent must be in the shadow.
– Does the camping rents tents, or caravans?
– Does the camping have a mini market or a tavern?
– If you are not with a car, is it easily accessible?
– If you rent a caravan or a tent, will a table with chairs be included also in the price?
– Are the spots the tents are placed separated from each other? I like them when they are separated so everyone has his own space.
– How far is the sea from the camping? Usually it has to be in a walking distance and in fact most of the camp sites have their own beach.
– If you rent a tent, will they provide you with clean sheets, matrix and pillows?
– Will you have access to a fridge and electricity on your spot? Will this be included in the price?

I think these are the most significant things to check before going. At least they are according to my needs. I hope you find my article useful and decide to give it a try with Greek campsites. I have so many nice memories from my holidays in such places I can only wish you to give it a try and have fun. Life is an opportunity to create memories. Camping can be one such!

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