Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Cinema with View, is an initiative of Thessaloniki Film Festival which was organized for the first time for a few days during July 2015 and transformed the roof of Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall to an open-air cinema for a few days. This movement found great response from the people of Thessaloniki as the Concert Hall is located in the best position of the New Promenade of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki and has a unique view to the Thermaikos Gulf. In addition to this, the people of Thessaloniki love the summer cinema (proof dozens of open-air cinemas which are operating in the city).

The love the people showed in this initiative made the organizers to repeat it also in September. Thus, the roof of the building M2 of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall will be transformed again into an outdoor cinema during two time intervals (7th to 10th of September) and (14th to 17th September). During these eight days four different films will be screened. These are:

– Two days and one night (Deux Jours, Une Nuit): French Movie
– Locke: American-British Movie
– The Past (Le Passe): French Movie
– Chinese Puzzle (French – American Movie)

To be noted that in Greece the movies are always screened in their native language with addition of Greek subtitles.

The ticket price will be 4euro. If you’re in Thessaloniki during these days you can purchase tickets from the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki, or the Concert Hall’s ticket office which is located at Aristotelous Square. It will be a very beautiful experience not to be missed!

Cinema with View Four Films in a Glance:

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