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Mysticon Festival No rating results yet

Mysticon Festival The Mysticon Festival is brand new in Thessaloniki. In fact the first Mysticon Festival is organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki (department of Tourism) and Helexpo - TIF, this year and will be open from 11th to 13th of September 2015 in the pavilion 8 of TIF. About Mysticon Festival The [...]

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Balkan Square Festival 5/5 (1)

Balkan Square Festival Logo The Balkan Square festival is a well known festival of the Municipality of Neapolis and Sykies in Thessaloniki which started in 2000 and runs once a year ever since. Its purpose is to bring the people from the Balkan countries together in order to leave in the past what [...]

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Urban Picnic Festival No rating results yet

Urban Picnic Festival Roman Market Thessaloniki The Urban Picnic festival began to be carried out for the first time in 2012 and since then it is repeated at the end of August each year. Its aim is to unite the people of the city and to give them the opportunity to enjoy the [...]

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Solidarity Festival No rating results yet

Solidarity Festival Thessaloniki The Solidarity Festival of Thessaloniki is a new festival which was created from the need of the people of Thessaloniki to sympathize to their fellow citizens who are facing financial problems due to the economic crisis but also to all the people who are in need of any type of [...]

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Street Art Festival | SAF No rating results yet

Street Art Festival Thessaloniki Many people do not know what the Street Art is all about but this is something a group of artists (musicians, designers, painters, authors) of Thessaloniki is intending to change. And that's how the story of the Street Art Festival was born in Thessaloniki. The basic idea is to [...]

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Half Night Marathon No rating results yet

Thessaloniki Half Night Marathon Thessaloniki's Half Night Marathon is taking place annually every October since 2012. It is a night marathon that was created due to the increasing demand in this sport which was obvious from the big interest that was shown in participating in the Great Alexander Marathon. The half marathon covers [...]

International Sailing Regatta No rating results yet

International Sailing Regatta Greece is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and the love the Greeks have for the sea is unquestionable. The city of Thessaloniki is in front of Thermaikos Bay and due to this the sea is an integral part of the people's life. In such a city a nautical club could [...]

Great Alexander Marathon No rating results yet

International Great Alexander Marathon View The Great Alexander Marathon, takes place every April since 2006 in Thessaloniki. It is the first marathon event that was organized in the city. Based on the history, the name 'marathon' takes its name from an event that took place in 490B.C. when the soldier Phedippides (who was [...]

Reworks Festival No rating results yet

Reworks Festival Reworks festival is a audio-visual festival that takes place in Thessaloniki for three to four days at the mid of September every year. The festival dates back to 2004 and it is now well known and established in Thessaloniki. Reworks presents every year the most modern artistic waves with influences from [...]

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Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival No rating results yet

Thessaloniki Short Film Festival (TISFF) Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival (TISFF) is considered to be one of the most influential in the Balkan area. Renowned for its selection and screening of progressive and high quality films. TiSFF is in the list of the 45 best short festivals, and the top 28 European festivals, [...]

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