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Rocket salad with Spinach No rating results yet

Rocket with Spinach Salad Rocket salad with spinach is of course not a Greek patent, nevertheless in Greece, the taste it takes is a magical, due to the climate of Greece and the taste that it gives to vegetables and salads grown on its territory. The salad with rocket and spinach is a [...]

Politiki Salad No rating results yet

Politiki Salad The 'politiki salad' is an ordinary and delicious salad that is eaten by Greek during the winter. Its roots came to Greece together with the Greeks of Constantinople after the great persecution. The main ingredients are cabbage, carrot, celery, florina peppers, and green peppers, sometimes radish, vinegar and olive oil. It [...]

Eggplant Salad | Melitzanosalata No rating results yet

Eggplant Salad | Melitzanosalata The eggplant salad or in greek 'melitzanosalata' is very simple but also very enjoyable dish. It is made using eggplants that are cooked on flames and peeled off in order to keep their soft internal crumb. You will find the 'melitzanosalata' in different variations but its main components are [...]

Greek Salad | Horiatiki No rating results yet

Greek Salad| Horiatiki Who does not know the Greek salad (in Greek language 'horiatiki salata'). The reputation of this salad is known worldwide. But many times that I had the chance to eat abroad it did not impress me at all. The original Greek salad is made in Greece and this is with [...]

Green salad | Hortosalata No rating results yet

Green Salad | Hortosalata Another simple style Greek salad is boiled greens or otherwise in the Greek language 'hortosalata'. This salad's season is spring as these types of greens grow during the spring season. The 'hortosalata' can contain several types of greens that thrive in the Mediterranean region and in Greece in particular. [...]

Galaktobureko No rating results yet

Galaktobureko Galaktobureko ... Well, just the thought about it makes me want to have one. It is the perfect dessert to make you sate your craving for sweet. It is made using semolina, milk, cream, eggs, butter, fresh lemon juice and leaves of rind. After entering in the oven it will be ready [...]

Trigona Panoramatos No rating results yet

Trigona Panoramatost The dessert 'trigona panoramatos' is connected with the city of Thessaloniki. It is a sweet which the Greeks who do not live in Thessaloniki are searching to find, taste and to buy for their loved ones when they visit Thessaloniki. It is made of crust leaves which take a triangular shape [...]

Spoon Sweets| Glyka toy Koytalioy No rating results yet

Spoon Sweets| Glyka toy Koytalioy The spoon sweets (in greek glyka toy koytalioy) have a long history in Greece. They are fruits which have undergone a treatment (completely natural) to become syrupy sweets. They are served in a small saucer with a small spoon. The spoon sweets became very popular in Greece at [...]

Revani No rating results yet

Revani The 'revani' is a dessert that has its roots in the Ottoman period of Greece. It is unclear whether this dessert is Turkish or Greek, but this is not our topic here. The truth is that whoever made it is a wonderful syrupy sweet which can also be made very easy. It [...]

Kormos No rating results yet

Kormos The 'kormos' was my favorite dessert when I was a child. I remember many times my mom prepating it to please us. For me it was a sweet and joyful procedure which I had to wait though impatiently. This is because the 'kormos' requires additional time to be frozen in the freezer [...]