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Greek Mountain Tea No rating results yet

Greek Herbal Tea The Greek tea and Greek herbs are very popular in alternative medicine and in medicine in general. The Greek nature due to its climatic conditions is hosting a big variety of herbs which can also be drunk as infusions and have beneficial effects on the human body. One of the [...]

Greek | Turkish Coffee No rating results yet

Greek | Turkish Coffee The Greek coffee is a warm coffee made in a special small pot. The name Greek Coffee though does not correspond to reality. It was named like this incorrectly in the mid 20th century after some promotional efforts of a company that supplied it. In reality this coffee has [...]

Frappe Iced Coffee No rating results yet

Frappe Thessaloniki The frappe iced coffee is connected to the modern Greeks and Greece. It is a coffee that is drunk cold and Greeks, thus consequently also the Thessalonians, like to drink it all year round whether the weather is cold or warm. Of course in the summer months frappe consumption increases because [...]