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Crepes Thessaloniki Of course the crepes have no relation with the history of Thessaloniki. Nevertheless, this food constitutes an eating habit for Thessalonians and therefore you will find in the city shops that sell only crepes. Crepes, either sweet or savory exactly as you imagine. In the shops that sell crepes you will [...]

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Brioche | Tsoureki Thessaloniki The 'Tsoureki' in Thessaloniki is directly connected to one of the oldest of the patisseries (Patisserie Terkenlis). Terkenlis located in the city center where Tsimiski avenue crosses Aristotle square. Terkenlis patisserie opened in 1948 by a Greek refugee from Asia Minor. Nowadays, it is famous for its the variety [...]

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Bun or in Greek 'Koulouri' for breakfast in Thessaloniki A kind of lean, tasty and healthy breakfast which is very common in Thessaloniki is the bun (Koulouri in Greek). The 'Koulouri' is made in bakeries and is a kind of bread in circular shape that has all over it a lot of toasted [...]

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Bougatsa with creme confectioners sugar and cinnamon One of the favorite breakfasts in Thessaloniki is a pie (similar to french pastry) with several thin sheets of dough called bougatsa. The history of bougatsa in the form that it is today, dates back to the Byzantine era which flourished mainly in Istanbul. In the [...]