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Greek Seafood Dishes

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Octopus | Htapodi No rating results yet

Octopus | Htapodi : Greek Seafood Dish For those who have never tried this Greek appetizer its first look might not to seem very appealing. For the Greeks, however, is a delicacy that is interwoven with the summer holidays, the taverns and relaxed time with friends and family and the beautiful sound of [...]

Fried Squid | Kalamaraki No rating results yet

Fried Squid | Kalamarakia Cut into slices, sprinkled with a mixture of flour and beer (mostly usually), which in Greek is called 'kourkouti', the squids are ready to be fried and transformed into a yellow-golden ring shape meze. The squid (in Greek called kalamaraki) is one of the most famous Greek appetizers in [...]

Shrimps | Garides No rating results yet

Shrimps | Garides : Greek seafood recipes Do you like dishes with red sauces? Do you like the feta cheese? Have you ever tried these two ingredients together? If not you will be surprised by the taste. It is simply indescribable. Certainly the addition of the shrimps (in Greek they are called 'garides' [...]

Mussels | Midia No rating results yet

Mussels | Midia : Greek seafood recipes Mussels (in Greek they are called 'midia') ... there are no moderate conditions with mussels. Either you love them or you cannot even eat them. The mussels are also known for its aphrodisiac properties .. I do not know whether this is true because I do [...]