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Thessaloniki Museums | Best Museums - Galleries in Thessaloniki Greece

Museums and Galleries

If you love to visit museums or galleries Thessaloniki has plenty such places to offer. Here is a list with the most popular Thessaloniki museums and galleries.

Thessaloniki Cinema Museum No rating results yet

Thessaloniki Cinema Museum Thessaloniki's Cinema Museum is located at the Dock1 of Thessaloniki's port in the Warehouse A. The museum is also participating in Thessaloniki's film festival. It was founded in 1995 following a decision by the Organization for Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe 1997. The museum's mission is to present the Greek [...]

State Museum of Contemporary Art No rating results yet

Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art The State Museum of Contemporary Art is located at the North West side of Thessaloniki (Stavroupoli region) at a renovated building that used to be the Lazariston Monastery (Les Lazaristes). It was founded in 1997 and has been steadily and dynamically developing, since then. Today, it is [...]

Saint Demitrios Crypt No rating results yet

Thessaloniki Saint Dimitrios Crypt Saint Demtrios Crypt, is located inside the church of Saint Demetrios above the Roman market. The crypt used to be the Roman Baths at which the thaumaturge patron prostate of Thessaloniki Saint Demetrios was imprisoned and later on (in 306AC) found a martyric death. In 380 AC when Theodosios [...]

Folk Ethnological Museum No rating results yet

Thessaloniki Folk Ethnological Museum The Folk Ethnological Museum is a permanent non-profit making institution, located in the east part of Thessaloniki by the sea in a historic building which was built in 1906 by the architect Eli Modiano. The museum is spread on four levels (a semi-basement, two floors, and an attic). It [...]

White Tower Museum 5/5 (1)

Thessaloniki White Tower Museum The White Tower historic building and monument is housing its own museum. The White Tower was build during the Ottoman years (approx. around 1430) and substituted an old Byzantine Tower that was in its position in order to fortify the city's harbor. The building takes the form of a [...]

Macedonian Museum of Modern Art No rating results yet

Macedonian Museum of Modern Art The Macedonian Museum of Modern Art is located inside Thessaloniki's exhibition center (Helexpo) close to its South entrance. The museum emerged as a thought, following the a major earthquake that happened in Thessaloniki in 1978 which at its passage damaged various archeological and historical monuments. In 1978 the [...]

Macedonian Struggle Museum No rating results yet

Macedonia Struggle Museum The Macedonian Struggle Museum is located in the center of Thessaloniki at the corner side of a building block between the streets Agia Sofias and Proxenou Koromila. The building that houses the museum is a historic one. It was designed by the famous architect Ernst Ziller in 1890 and completed [...]

Thessaloniki Olympic Museum No rating results yet

Thessaloniki Olympic Museum Thessaloniki's Olympic Museum is located at the North-East part of Aristotle University at a cross road between Agiou Dimitriou Street and 3is Septembriou. Its mission is to inform the public about the History of the Olympic games in Greece and to become a center which will motivate the public to [...]

Old Archeological Museum | Geni Tzami No rating results yet

Old Archaeological Museum Thessaloniki's Old Archaeological Museum (also known as Geni Tzami) is located relatively close to the center on a street which crosses Leoforos Vasilisis Olgas at its beginning. It was built in 1902 (Ottoman times), with architectural designs by the famous Italian architect Viataliano Pozeli. Initially it was used as a mosque [...]

Thessaloniki War Museum No rating results yet

Thessaloniki War Museum The building that houses the Thessaloniki War Museum is opposite the back entrance of the Macedonia University, in the wider area of the "Champ de Mars" which now houses the headquarters of the Third Army Corps. It was build at the beginning of the 20th century during the Ottoman times [...]