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Horse Drawn Carriage No rating results yet

Horse Drawn Carriage A horse drawn carriage is another popular tour option that is offered in Thessaloniki. The tour operators part outside from Thessaloniki's White Tower mainly on the summer season. The route that they follow is mainly by the sea and the view is fantastic especially if you happen to take this [...]

Boat Tours 5/5 (1)

Thessaloniki Boat Tours Tourist boats, can be found in front of the White Tower of Thessaloniki. As until today there are three different boats which travel inside Thermaikos Gulf and each of them offers to its passengers a boat tours in different theme (either as regards its decoration but also its music). The [...]

New Promenade | Nea Paralia No rating results yet

Nea Paralia Thessaloniki The New Promenade | Nea paralia, is located between the White Tower and Thessaloniki's concert Hall. It is an area that was recently recasted (its latest part was delivered to the public in December 2013) and is divided in many different themed parks. Benches, trees, bicycle lanes, pedestrian roads, tennis, [...]

Paralia Thessaloniki No rating results yet

Paralia Thessalonikis Thessaloniki, has many places at which you can walk by the sea. One of the most popular is the one called 'Paralia Thessalonikis' and it is the esplanade that is starting from the beginning of Leoforos Nikis street and reaches a few meters after the White Tower (until the Royal Theater [...]

Thessaloniki Port No rating results yet

Pier 1 Thessaloniki Port The Pier 1 of Thessaloniki Port, was remodeled in mild form and handed to the citizens of Thessaloniki in March 2012. Its new appearance made it one of the most favorite destinations of the people who love the city center . The Pier 1 is located almost opposite the Freedom [...]