Balkan Square Festival Logo

Balkan Square Festival Logo

The Balkan Square festival is a well known festival of the Municipality of Neapolis and Sykies in Thessaloniki which started in 2000 and runs once a year ever since. Its purpose is to bring the people from the Balkan countries together in order to leave in the past what has separated in the past, Balkan and World Wars and tented to alienate them. The Balkan Square festival runs in the late August and the first week of September every year.

Representatives of the Balkan countries who participate in this festival over the years have proven that through culture, literature, dance, music, singing, arts etc. Balkan people can unite, and bring together their diverse cultures. It is a proof that Balkans can be and is a common home for all of us who can work together to achieve things as we have nothing that separates us.

The spirit of the festival evolves with music, dance, theater, literature, history events that take place and aims to give the message of life, of culture, of brotherhood, friendship and cooperation between the people of the Balkans and especially the young people.

The Balkan Square festival has won the love of the people of Thessaloniki and this is obvious through all these years from the participation in the events that are taking place every year.

See more info about the: Balkan Square 2015 Events Program (August 30 – September 6, 2015).

Thessaloniki Balkan Square Festival 2015, Artists, Orchestras and Bands

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