Book Festival Thessaloniki

Book Festival Thessaloniki

The Book Festival of Thessaloniki is organized by the Association of Publishers of Northern Greece and the Cultural Center and Southeastern Europe Book, and is under the control of the Ministries of Culture and Macedonia-Thrace.

The Book Festival is a leading event in Thessaloniki with a long tradition (since 1981) and actively supports all intellectual creators of Northern Greece, highlighting their work. It runs for several weeks every June along Thessaloniki’s Nea Paralia and hosts numerous events related with music, dance, theater. Hundreds of Greek publishers participate in the Festival and rent stands. Presentations of books and writers take place on daily basis during the Festival.

For the people of Thessaloniki the Book Festival symbolizes a celebration of arts and literature and is a prompt for afternoon and evening walks by the beach with the family or friends eating sunflower seeds, nuts barbecue corn, discussing about everyday life and not only.

If you happen to be in Thessaloniki in June, you will love the spirit this Festival brings to the city.

Thessaloniki Book Festival Gallery

Additional Information can about the Book Festival can be found at:

Organizers Website: S.EK.V.E.
Phone: 0030 231 0286377
Facebook: Thessaloniki Book Festival Facebook Page

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