Dimitria Festival Thessaloniki

Dimitria Festival Thessaloniki

Dimitria festival is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Thessaloniki in line with the conditions and concerns of the modern era and one of the oldest as it first started in 1965. Its name derives from an ancient fair that used to take place in Thessaloniki during the 14th century and had the same name.
It usually starts at the last week of September and finishes at the last week of October and contains a rich, dense, interactive, and varied in aesthetic pursuits and artistic categories program of events across many dozens of venues with the participation of many great artists and the most cultural and artistic institutions of Thessaloniki.

The program includes musical and theatrical events, exhibitions (painting, sculpture, construction, etc..), as well as the organization of conferences. Dimitria festival is very popular in Thessaloniki and this is obvious from the number of events organized every year (in 2014 more than 100 events were organized).

In 1995 Dimitria festival joined the European Festival Association and formally became one of the most important artistic events throughout Europe. If you happen to be visiting Thessaloniki during September of October we recommend you to attend some of the events organized under the supervision of Dimitria.

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Additional information about Dimitria Festival can be found:

Website: Dimitria Festival
Phone: 0030 2313318-213, or 220, 214, 211, 209, 228
Facebook: Dimitria Festival Facebook Page

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