GreemWave Festival

GreemWave Festival

The GreenWave festival is an alternative ‘green’ holiday. It was organized for the first time in 2012 and since then it has been an established as one of the dear to the people and popular festivals of Thessaloniki. It is run by the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki in cooperation with organizations, networks and informal groups that are active in the city. The GreenWave Festival is organized exclusively by volunteers who offer their time and energy through all the aspects that are needed while planning and implementation the tasks for festival’s preparation.

The GreenWave festival is present at the mid of September near the south entrance of the Helexpo Exhibition center and very close to the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Archaeological and the Byzantine Culture Museum as well as the statue of Great Alexander and a small green part that exists at the center of Thessaloniki. During the festival, a number of small producers of vegetables, food, handmade wood accessories, olive oil soaps, jeweleries, traditional greek drinks etc. present their products and simultaneously many voluntary groups of Thessaloniki inform the people for their activities. The festival has also a music scene from which many music bands pass and present their work and entertain the people.

Every year the GreenWave Festival is having a special theme. In 2014 the festival’s slogan was “Our Future is not for Sale” showing also its social and political stance and attitude towards the events that take place in the modern Greek life.

GreenWave festival can motivate people to see the life from a different perspective and to learn which are some of the most active groups of Thessaloniki.without forgetting of course some of the most beautiful pleasures in life, creativity, tasty food and music.

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Additional Information about the GreenWave Festival can be found at:

Website: Greewave Fesival Thessaloniki
Facebook: Thessaloniki GreenWave Festival Facebook Page

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