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The Mysticon Festival is brand new in Thessaloniki. In fact the first Mysticon Festival is organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki (department of Tourism) and Helexpo – TIF, this year and will be open from 11th to 13th of September 2015 in the pavilion 8 of TIF.

About Mysticon Festival

The festival is an alternative mystery festival which is revealing another aspect of the city of Thessaloniki with Escape rooms and interactive escape games, treasure hunt, mystery tours, political assassinations, board games related with police content, comics exhibition and much more. Mysticon festival is targeting fans of alternative and experiential games will emphasize on parts of the city of Thessaloniki accompanied by urban myths, legends and conspiracy theories.

Mysticon Festival Participants

Several teams of young artists and teams take part in the the organization of the 1st Mystery Festival in order to prepare an unforgettable experience. These groups are:
«The Mind Trap»,
«Thessaloniki Walking Tours» &
«Escape 1107»

Mysticon Festival Timetable

Friday 11/9/15: 17.00 to 22.00
Saturday 12/9/15: 10.00 to 23.00
Sunday 13/9/15: 10.00 έως 22.00

Entrance Ticket: 5euro / day.
Additional Information: During the festival you can play with no additional fee a variety of board games with mystery content.
Mysticon Festival Website: Website Mysticon Festival

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