Panic Art Festival

Panic Art Festival

The Panic Art OPEN Air Festival is a music festival that came in 2013 to embrace almost all musical tastes, with aspiration to become an institution festival. Great artists and performers, many established names of domestic and foreign music scene are being hosted by this musical celebration, in order to provide unforgettable musical evenings.

The Panic Art Open Air Festival opens its doors to the public at the beginning of June 7 and ends the beginning of July 10, in the open space of the former army camp Kodra in east side of the city (Kalamaria).

If you happen to be visiting Thessaloniki during this period don’t miss to visit at least one of the performances. You will love it!

Panic Art Open Air Festival Gallery

Additional Information for the Panic Art Open Air Festival can be found at:

Facebook: Panic Art Open Air Festival Facebook Page

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