Reworks Festival

Reworks Festival

Reworks festival is a audio-visual festival that takes place in Thessaloniki for three to four days at the mid of September every year. The festival dates back to 2004 and it is now well known and established in Thessaloniki.

Reworks presents every year the most modern artistic waves with influences from all over the world and in addition to this it presents the exclusive work of native artists and especially designed projects. Musical waves, concert and live performances, visual art presentations, workshops and free street stages were also housed for the first time in 2014.

The musical events take place in various venues of Thessaloniki mainly at its west side. If you fancy electronic sound, disco aesthetics, neo classical, pop, funk, soul and jazz music you will sure love the festival. The organization includes several well established artists that present also to the public some first performances.

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Website: Reworks Festival
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