Solidarity Festival Thessaloniki

Solidarity Festival Thessaloniki

The Solidarity Festival of Thessaloniki is a new festival which was created from the need of the people of Thessaloniki to sympathize to their fellow citizens who are facing financial problems due to the economic crisis but also to all the people who are in need of any type of help. It is a festival that wants to prove that this crisis is only economic and not a crisis of moral judgment.

Various collectives of the city but also ordinary people will join their presence, voices and strengths within the multiplex of WE on Saturday 13th of June after 17:00 to exchange views, inform their fellow citizens for their actions but also for the needs that exist and to claim the right of everybody to a fair and equitable society.

During the festival several events for children will take place as well as concerts, presentations of social groups and organizations of the city, discussions about solidarity and volunteering. Furthermore, if you happen to be there and would like to help you may also bring with you medicines and dry food to strengthen the solidarity actions in the city.

The active participation of our societies, people’s groups and non-marginalization should be the key objectives of the projects of solidarity and this is one of the messages this festival is also trying to pass.

The solidarity festival of Thessaloniki is proving once again that the city of Thessaloniki is a city with active people interested in common things who prove it with their actions every day.

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