Bugiurdi Starter

Bougiourdi Starter

The Bougiourdi is a unique delicacy for those who love cheese. Made in the oven by means of a small ceramic pan. The main ingredients are feta cheese, yellow hard cheese, green pepper and spicy green pepper, tomato, oregano and olive oil.
The feta cheese comes first in ceramic pot and on it goes chopped into thin slices green pepper and spicy green pepper chopped into small cubes. The tomato is cut also into small cubes and enters pot immediately after the green peppers. At the end comes the hard yellow cheese which is placed all over after being cut in wide and thin peels. Before entering the oven the ceramic pot is covered with aluminum foil in order to develop high temperatures and not catch crust dish on top. Once all the cheese melts the dish is ready. For garnish the dish is sprinkled with oregano and olive oil.

The Bougiourdi is a dish that completely satisfies all the cheese lovers and whoever has tried it once never forgets about it. You will find this starter in most of the Greek restaurants in Thessaloniki.

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