Bun or in Greek 'Koulouri' for breakfast in Thessaloniki

Bun or in Greek ‘Koulouri’ for breakfast in Thessaloniki

A kind of lean, tasty and healthy breakfast which is very common in Thessaloniki is the bun (Koulouri in Greek). The ‘Koulouri’ is made in bakeries and is a kind of bread in circular shape that has all over it a lot of toasted sesame. The ‘Koulouri’ has its roots in Byzantine times and was very popular in Istanbul. After the Asia Minor Catastrophe the tradition of baking ‘Koulouri’ was brought to Greece by the refugees of Asia Minor coast.

In those years the ‘Koulouri’ was sold by small vendors who roamed the city with a disc placed on their heads filled with buns. Nowadays there are still small vendors that sell the ‘Koulouri’ on the streets in various central avenues of Thessaloniki and place their products in specially designed small carts. The ‘Koulouri’ can be also found in almost all the city’s bakery houses with various variants in the recipe (wholemeal, with raisins, stuffed with cheese, etc.). The classic though ‘Koulouri’ is min and crispy, round in shape, made from white flour and filled with lots of sesame. Its price is approx. 0.50-1.00 euro / piece.

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