Frappe Thessaloniki

Frappe Thessaloniki

The frappe iced coffee is connected to the modern Greeks and Greece. It is a coffee that is drunk cold and Greeks, thus consequently also the Thessalonians, like to drink it all year round whether the weather is cold or warm. Of course in the summer months frappe consumption increases because it is considered also to be a relaxing and refreshing treat.

Thessaloniki is a city very popular for its cafes. It is also perhaps the city with most coffee places in the world in proportion to its population. The city center and especially the part of the beach that connects the white tower and the harbor is filled with such coffee places which are almost occupied all hours of the day mainly by the youthful world of Thessaloniki, but not only.

In Thessaloniki, the frappe is escorted in most cafes with a small sweets treats and its value is high (3-4 euros) compared with the coffee price levels in other European cities. This may be justified by the fact that the Greeks drink their coffee very slowly and the high value of the rents in Thessaloniki’s center. On your frappe you can ask to put milk or ice cream if you want to try something which will taste more like a dessert with coffee flavour. You can also order as take away at many shops that sell pies or crepes. The price will be much lower.

In recent years other cold coffees as freddo espresso or freddo cappucino have also become a trend in Greece. You will see a lot of people drinking such coffees as well. If you do not like cold coffee just try for the experience. You might like it at the end.

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