Bougatsa with creme confectioners sugar and cinnamon

Bougatsa with creme confectioners sugar and cinnamon

One of the favorite breakfasts in Thessaloniki is a pie (similar to french pastry) with several thin sheets of dough called bougatsa. The history of bougatsa in the form that it is today, dates back to the Byzantine era which flourished mainly in Istanbul. In the region of Greece and mainly in northern Greece it became known after the Asia Minor disaster (1918-1922) by Greeks who were expelled from Asia Minor and came to Greece as refugees.
Bougatsa nowadays can be found in different flavors but the most prevalent are, with white cheese, cream, minced meat and or yellow cheese. It is usually eaten in the morning like a quick breakfast, sometimes even while walking. Throughout Thessaloniki there are many shops that sell bougatsa and you will be able to find some of the best ones in the center of the city. If you are a pastry lover this breakfast will completely satisfy you.

Bugatsa with white cheese

Bougatsa with white cheese

For those who do not have time to visit the city center or are lazy to search for them in the morning there is always the option of ordering them through an online delivery service. Choose your location in Greece enter your street address and select product type “French Pastry” and you will be able to receive it in no time. To be noted that there are other types of pies that are also very popular in greece with a different style of cooking though. If you want to order this one you need to ask for it with its name “Bougatsa”.

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