Gilthead Seabream| Tsipoura: Popular Fish Dish in Greece

Gilthead Seabream | Tsipoura: Popular Fish Dish in Greece

Undoubtedly the Gilthead Seabream (in greek Tsipoura) is one of my favorite fish. For many years I was not so enthusiastic about eating fish but when I tried this fish grilled I change my eating habits.

You will find it in all the Greek restaurants that serve fish. It is delicious and filling. Usually such a fish is about 300gram. and will fill your hunger completely if accompanied with a salad and an appetizer. It’s hard to describe the feeling of enjoyment of food and thus I will not try to say more. Just try it, if you like fish, the gilthead seabream will amaze you. In the Greek and thus Thessaloniki restaurants you will find it grilled with a simple sauce of lemon, oregano and olive oil. Believe me you do not need anything additional to get impressed.

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