Greek gyros

Greek gyros

The gyros is a Greek-type fast-food meal that is usually made from pork or chicken. The meat is cut into thin and wide slices which are passed through a metal spit and then baked in vertical grill while the metal spit turns around automatically. The Greek gyros is getting ready gradually as the outer side of the spit becomes crispy. When this happens the crispy peel are removed with a special long knife. This process is repeated until all of the gyros turns crispy.

Especially the pork gyros contains a lot of fat and to many spices are added on it to give it the unique tates. All these make this menu very enough especially for someone who is used to eat light meals. Certainly this dish is not the healthier you have ever eaten but it is a real temptation for the meat lovers.

You can order the gyros both as a dish but also as sandwich for take away. The sandwich is usually wrapped using a special baked thin pie. In this sandwich you can add other ingredients such as onions, french fries, ketchup, mustard and some appetizers that are in the form of ointment (i.e. tzatziki, spicy cheese etc.). If you eat light food and want to try it, it is a good advice not to eat it quickly. If you eat it quickly most likely you will feel your stomach too full. Eat it slowly, to have a sense of your stomach gradually. Of course if you’re used to eating heavy meals then you probably not stop at just one sandwich or dish.

Whatever you decide to do just have in mind that this is the number of fast-food dish in Greece. In the center of Thessaloniki you will be able to find several fast-foods that offer tasty gyros. A trial will convince you.

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