Octopus | Htapodi : Greek Seafood Dish

Octopus | Htapodi : Greek Seafood Dish

For those who have never tried this Greek appetizer its first look might not to seem very appealing. For the Greeks, however, is a delicacy that is interwoven with the summer holidays, the taverns and relaxed time with friends and family and the beautiful sound of the waves during a warm summer day.

The color of the Octopus meze (its name is Htapodi in Greek) is pink and white. If you go to fish restaurants that are close to the sea you most likely will see it hanged somewhere close to the restaurant, in order to dry in the sun. This is a prerequisite process that transforms octopus into a delicious meze. After it is sun-dried in the sun octopus is grilled in order to become crispy. The magic of this recipe completes with the addition of vinegar wine, oregano and extra olive oil. For garnish you can add also chopped parsley. Just fabulous!!

Perhaps when you try this octopus you will not to be impressed (especially if you are not friends of the seafood) … but honestly I will not be able to understand you. It is not an appetizer …it is just magic. For those of you who will decide to try it I have one thing to say … I am sure this was the number one food for the Greek Olympian gods… Try the taste.. and travel in the Greek mythology !!

P.s: In the Greek restaurants you might try also a boiled version of the octopus recipe and many more.. Whatever you try I am sure it will be great but my favourite recipe is the one I tried to describe above.

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