Picarel | Marida Delicious Greek Fish Dish

Picarel | Marida Delicious Greek Fish Dish

Ever wondered how a crunchy fish tastes? If you try the picarel (in Greek called Marida) you will understand. The fried picarel could substitute your chips hunger. Depending on its size (it is usually served very small) the picarel can be eaten and is eaten by the Greek whole without cleaning any bones. Some simply choose to remove the head before eating it.

The fried picarel is a dish for low budgets but absolutely delicious. Just the idea of it in my mind gives me the desire to try it. Usually the Greeks will eat it while drinking ouzo. Spicy cheese, tzatziki and several other greek starters are also on the table together with this fish. Not to forget the greek salad and rocket salad with dill.

Writing these descriptions, images of summer vacations come in my mind with fish restaurant tables ‘occupied’ companies of friends who eat and having good time talking and laughing besides the sea.

If you come to Thessaloniki try with your company the fried picarel fish with ouzo and spicy cheese and rocket salad and I hope you also feel this unique feeling. In Thessaloniki there are many restaurants that have this dish on their menu. Just ask for fried marides!!

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