Voudas Fish Restaurant

Voudas Fish Restaurant

I have never been to Voudas fish restaurant but I will forward you what I have heard from good friends about it. It is just godlike as they told me. It have very tasty dishes of a variety of small and big fresh fishes and seafood. It is a very good choice also for eating mezedes with ouzo. Very clean and well taken care internal environment. Voudas restaurant is one of the favourite restaurants of the Thessalonians who live at the east side of the city. The prices is are also very good…

Voudas fish restaurant is located at the east side of Thessaloniki in the area called Nea Krini. Thus, if you are staying in the center of Thessaloniki, you will probably need to hire a taxi to get there.

So, I guess I will also visit it soon in order to form my own opinion. For soon it sounds and looks good!

Address: Miaouli 24, Nea Krini, 55132, Thessaloniki
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