'Elia kai lemoni' Greek cuisine

‘Elia kai lemoni’ Greek cuisine

The restaurant ‘Elia kai lemoni’ (meaning ‘olive and lemon’ ) is well known in Thessaloniki. At the moment it is a chain of 3 restaurants (one is in the center close to Valaoritou area, another one is at the west side of Thessaloniki at Evosmos and the last one is at the east side of Thessaloniki near Thessaloniki Concert Hall). I confess that I did not know that ‘Elia kai lemoni’ also makes delivery and this surprised me pleasantly. Wherever you choose to go and try the cousine of ‘Elia kai lemoni’ you will be delighted.

The restaurant offers very good prices and very good food. I could have included it also in the category ‘Typical Greek restaurants and mezedes’ as it offers a variety of dishes that make up overall what we call Greek cuisine. Since though number of proposals that I decided to include in each restaurant category are five I decided to include ‘Elia kai Lemoni’ in the category of Greek cuisine. With this name in Greece we mean the dishes that are cooked either in the oven or in a saucepan and need preparation to be cooked. In Greece they are called ‘magirefta’ which means cooked while the barbecued dishes are called ’tis oras’ which means that they are fresh cooked basically after an order is given in a restaurant.

Anyway, either you decide to eat ‘magirefta’ or ’tis oras’ dishes in the ‘Elia kai Lemoni’ I am sure you will be happy with your decision as everything is very tasty and of good quality.

Address at the Center of Thessaloniki (Valaoritou area shown in the map below): Kapodistriou 9, Thessaloniki 546 25, Greece
If you feel tired or bored to reach any of the three restaurants you may also order online and have it send at your place!

Address East Thessaloniki (close to Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall): Markou Mpotsari 19, Thessaloníki 546 43, Greece
Address West Thessaloniki (Evosmos): Aristotelous 39, Evosmos 562 24, Greece

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