Tsarouchas restaruant Thessaloniki

Tsarouchas restaurant Thessaloniki

The restaurant ‘Tsarouchas’ has a long history in the city of Thessaloniki. It was first established in 1952 and it is located since then near the ancient Roman Market of Thessaloniki and close to the Bit Bazzar area and and the church of Saint Dimitrios. In the restaurant you will find traditional Greek dishes that are cooked in the oven or casserole with great taste and they really taste like homemade. You will also find delicious soups with the most famous being one called ‘patsas’. Patsas is a very special soup which requires a long preparation time. I believe you should give it a try if you visit the restaurant. Its taste is unique.

Tsarouchas restaurant has been recently renovated and it looks quite modern with warm atmosphere. If you visit the place in the summer you can sit at the tables in front of the shop on the large sidewalk. I strongly recommend you to go to this restaurant. The food is really very good. The prices of the dishes range between 4.50-7.50 euros depending on the dish that you will order. The restaurant also offers a range of good local wines and ouzo. When you visit this part of Thessaloniki there is no reason to think of eating anywhere else.

Address: Olympou 78, Thessaloníki 546 31, Greece

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