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Karavakia Waterbus Thessaloniki

The Karavakia waterbus tour former known as Waterways Boats the latest service that has been added at Thessaloniki’s tourism agenda in order to serve both tourists but also locals. The Karavakia boat tour started to operate in the mid of May 2014. In total three small boats are used to make trips from the port and the White Tower of Thessaloniki to coastal areas located east of Thessaloniki (shortly after the airport) . In these areas there are taverns, cafes and sun loungers by the waves and many people also choose to swim in their beaches. Overall it is a very good solution if you’re in Thessaloniki during the hot summer months and you want to escape to a nearby cooler destination.

Further information on the Karavakia waterbus tour:

The services are performed only during the summer season starting from the 15th of May until the 30th of September each year.
Points of departure: The port of Thessaloniki and the White Tower.

Karavakia Thessaloniki Points of destination:

May-September: The boats go to the port of Nei Epivates making a prior stop in the region of Perea.
July-August extra destinations are added to the tours: Kalamaria, Agia Triada

Karavakia Thessaloniki Number of boats and routes:

May: One boat ‘Kostantis’ performs 5 routes / day
From June: An additional boat is added ‘Thermaikos I’ and 10 routes are performed overall every day
From July until end of August: An additional boat is added ‘Saint George’ and the boats operate once every hour from 08.30 to 21.30 every day.
September: Same as in June.

Cost of each journey: 2.00€ one way or 5.00€ return.
Group tickets cost: 2.00€ one way and 4.00€ return respectively.
Inside the small boats you can also transfer your pets (provided that you take good care of them) and also your bicycles.

Additional info: Karavakia waterbus thessaloniki website

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