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Thessaloniki Festivals / Thessaloniki Events

Thessaloniki, is a city with long cultural history. As such, its citizens are interested in various activities related with the arts, culture but also the green and healthy way of living. Within this context many festivals and events are held in Thessaloniki and almost every month, the city offers something unusual for its visitors. Events that allow the visitors of the city to be introduced to Thessaloniki’s cultural and recreational side.

Below, is a list with the most popular Thessaloniki festivals but also some very popular events.

Mysticon Festival

Mysticon Festival The Mysticon Festival is brand new in Thessaloniki. In fact the first Mysticon Festival is organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki (department of Tourism) and Helexpo - TIF, this year and [...]

Balkan Square Festival

Balkan Square Festival Logo The Balkan Square festival is a well known festival of the Municipality of Neapolis and Sykies in Thessaloniki which started in 2000 and runs once a year ever since. [...]

Urban Picnic Festival

Urban Picnic Festival Roman Market Thessaloniki The Urban Picnic festival began to be carried out for the first time in 2012 and since then it is repeated at the end of August each [...]

Solidarity Festival

Solidarity Festival Thessaloniki The Solidarity Festival of Thessaloniki is a new festival which was created from the need of the people of Thessaloniki to sympathize to their fellow citizens who are facing financial [...]

Street Art Festival | SAF

Street Art Festival Thessaloniki Many people do not know what the Street Art is all about but this is something a group of artists (musicians, designers, painters, authors) of Thessaloniki is intending to [...]