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Thessaloniki Festivals and Events - Visit Thessaloniki Greece Guide

Festivals and Events

Thessaloniki Festivals / Thessaloniki Events

Thessaloniki, is a city with long cultural history. As such, its citizens are interested in various activities related with the arts, culture but also the green and healthy way of living. Within this context many festivals and events are held in Thessaloniki and almost every month, the city offers something unusual for its visitors. Events that allow the visitors of the city to be introduced to Thessaloniki’s cultural and recreational side.

Below, is a list with the most popular Thessaloniki festivals but also some very popular events.

Half Night Marathon

Thessaloniki Half Night Marathon Thessaloniki's Half Night Marathon is taking place annually every October since 2012. It is a night marathon that was created due to the increasing demand in this sport which [...]

International Sailing Regatta

International Sailing Regatta Greece is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and the love the Greeks have for the sea is unquestionable. The city of Thessaloniki is in front of Thermaikos Bay and due [...]

Great Alexander Marathon

International Great Alexander Marathon View The Great Alexander Marathon, takes place every April since 2006 in Thessaloniki. It is the first marathon event that was organized in the city. Based on the history, [...]

Reworks Festival

Reworks Festival Reworks festival is a audio-visual festival that takes place in Thessaloniki for three to four days at the mid of September every year. The festival dates back to 2004 and it [...]

Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival

Thessaloniki Short Film Festival (TISFF) Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival (TISFF) is considered to be one of the most influential in the Balkan area. Renowned for its selection and screening of progressive and [...]