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Thessaloniki Festivals and Events - Visit Thessaloniki Greece Guide

Festivals and Events

Thessaloniki Festivals / Thessaloniki Events

Thessaloniki, is a city with long cultural history. As such, its citizens are interested in various activities related with the arts, culture but also the green and healthy way of living. Within this context many festivals and events are held in Thessaloniki and almost every month, the city offers something unusual for its visitors. Events that allow the visitors of the city to be introduced to Thessaloniki’s cultural and recreational side.

Below, is a list with the most popular Thessaloniki festivals but also some very popular events.

Biennale of Contemporary Art

Biennale of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art runs by the State Museum of Contemporary Art with the participation of five museums of the city and is supported also by the [...]

Antiracist Festival

Antiracist Festival Thessaloniki's Antiracist Festival began in 1998 in order to support immigrants and to unite the people no matter of their ethnicity, color, religion etc. In recent years it has also expanded [...]