Governors Square Thessaloniki

Governors Square Thessaloniki

The Governor’s square is located in front of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace at the centre of Thessaloniki. The Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace used to be the Governor’s building during the late Ottoman period of Thessaloniki and this is how the Square got its name.

Nowadays, the Governor’s Square is protected as an archaeological place since in its position archaeological findings from the 1st BC century were found indicating that this was Thessaloniki’s ancient administrative city center with public buildings, squares and streets which are surrounded by peristyles and frescoes, which were built during the 4th century BC.

The Governor’s Square has changed significant over the years and was planned to become a parking building during 1990s but this plan was cancelled after the archaeological excavations have brought into light the significant findings from the 4rth and 1st century before BC. Currently, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, is trying to find a budget to recreate the square and make it visited archaeological area and simultaneously a park for the local residents of the city.

If you happen to pass by the area, we recommend that you also visit Saint Demetrios Church and Saint Catherine Church which both belong to the heritage monuments of the Byzantine period of Thessaloniki and are protected also by Unesco. Very close to Saint Demetrios on Kassandrou street you will also find Yeni Hamam and Alatza Imaret which belong to Thessaloniki’s Ottoman period heritage.

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