Bit Bazaar Thessaloniki

Bit Βazaar Thessaloniki

Bit Bazaar (see point 7 in the below map), is a market that was created in 1928 with the exchange of population. Small houses with two floors were built from the refuges who were having their houses on the top floor and at the ground floor they were keeping their small business/shops . At that time the shops were selling clothes and trifles . Bit Bazaar name actually comes from the Turkish word “Bit” which means “lice” because in the clothes that were sold there lice could be found.

Today, a few old shops still remain in the area (primarily around its external perimeter) and run as antique shops. Visitors can find there old objects, postcards , cds , trays , tables, books , etc. In the center of the area there is a square known also as Bit Bazaar square. Most of the old small antique shops have now become small taverns that are very popular especially among students. During the summers the square fills with tables and in the evenings young people flood inside it and keep it alive until the first morning hours.

Thessaloniki Neighborhoods Map

Thessaloniki Neighborhoods Map









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