Valaoritou Area in  Thessaloniki

Valaoritou Area in Thessaloniki

Valaoritou, is an area located between the streets Tsemiski, Ionos Dragoumi, Egnatia and Leontos Sofou (see point 2 in the Map bellow). The are has become more popular during the last decade as famous architects in Thessaloniki showed an interest in renovating some of its old buildings and gave it a new interesting design. Many pubs, nightclubs and small trendy shops with style were created since then and the area become popular specially to the young people. Valaoritou is an area which is alive though also during the day but due to another reason. Small family owned shops with clothes, pyjamas, sheets, curtains, house accessories, garden tools etc. are operating in its streets and give you an idea of how the old markets used to run in Thessaloniki. It is a place which the traveler will enjoy walking around any time of the day.

Thessaloniki Neighborhoods Map

Thessaloniki Neighborhoods Map










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