Thessaloniki Noesis Technological Museum

Thessaloniki Noesis Technological Museum

Noesis Technological Museum, is a science center and a technology museum which is located in the east part of Thessaloniki in a 15000sqm area at the greater Thermi area. The main aim of the Center is to promote the Technology Culture and developments by informing the public through training sessions and exhibitions. Noesis, has various auditoriums which are used for training purposes:
– A 160-seat digital Planetarium with 18m diameter dome and modern projection and headphone system that transmits the narration in 2 languages.
– A 300-seat Cosmotheater which is used to present 2D and 3D films.
– Virtual Reality Simulator, with 18 seats that move in 6 axes in which 2D and 3D shows are being held.

Additional to these, visitors can see exhibitions with topics related to Science and Technology like:

1. The “Automobile Technology Exhibition
2. The “Technopark”
3. The “Ancient Greek Technology”
4. The “Image and Sound”

The Noesis Technological center is becoming more and more popular in Thessaloniki and the Balkan area. There are many different educational programmes that the visitors can see and many schools visit the center in order to educate their students. The center is also a very popular destination for families with young children.

Address: 6th Km. Thessaloniki – Thermi Road, Thermi 57001 Thessaloniki,Greece
Open Hours: For Schools and other Teams Tuesday-Friday: 09:00-15:00. For the public Friday:18:00-21:00, Saturday: 14:15-21:00,Sunday: 11:30-21:00
Phone: 0030 2310 48300
Website: Noesis Technological Museum

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