Roman Agora Market Museum

Roman Agora Market Museum

The Roman Market was revealed in the early 60s. It is located above Aristotelous square and was the main center of Thessaloniki during the Roman times. In the center of the market there is a large open space. Two main complexes of the market survived through time:

1. The Odeon ( conservatory ) which is located at the east side of the Market and
2. An impressive portico named ‘cryproporticus’ which is associated with the worship of St. Demetrius.

Many statues and architectural elements have been found during the excavations that took place since the market was first revealed. The original market was much wider than what we see today and the excavations have revealed also an over sized Ionic temple which preexisted in the location before the Roman market. The Roman agora market museum operates inside the impressive portico.

Address: Agnostou Stratiotou 2-4, 54631 Thessaloniki, Greece
Phone: 0030 2310221266
Website: Ancient Roman Agora of Thessaloniki. The website contains also information about the opening hours and ticket prices etc.

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