Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum

Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum

Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum is located close to the building of YMCA and in the same building block with the Museum of Byzantine Culture. It is a listed building as a unique example of modernist art in Greece. The Museum’s collections include distinctive works of art and excavation finds from across Macedonia, as the archaeological service was the first state service to operate in Thessaloniki immediately after the liberation of the city. Since 2002 it operates as an independent special peripheral service of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

In 2003 it was completely renovated in order to meet new technical and museological advances. The new exhibition of antiquities was organized into six permanent thematic units that encompass all aspects of personal and public life in antiquity. One grand and 2–5 minor temporary exhibitions take place annually, covering special and unique features of the Macedonians’ everyday life in relation to the wider cultural
framework of the rest of the Greek world and the broader zone of southeastern Mediterranean basin.

Address: Manoli Andronikou 6, 54621, Thessaloniki, Greece
Open Hours:
Nov – 31 Mar
Monday 10.30 –17.00
Tuesday–Sunday 8.30–15.00

Apr – 31 Oct
Monday 13 .3 0 –2 0.0 0
Tuesday–Sunday 8.00–20.00

25–26 Dec / 1 jan /
25 Mar / 1 May / Easter
The museum remains closed.

Phone: 0030 2310830538
Website: Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum

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