Thessaloniki White Tower Museum

Thessaloniki White Tower Museum

The White Tower historic building and monument is housing its own museum. The White Tower was build during the Ottoman years (approx. around 1430) and substituted an old Byzantine Tower that was in its position in order to fortify the city’s harbor.

The building takes the form of a cylindrical drum with 23m diameter and 27m height above ground. At its top there is an additional turret with 12m diameter and 6m height. It is composed by the ground floor and 6 more floors.

During the Ottoman period it was a prison and a place were many executions took place. After Greece gained control of Thessaloniki city (1912) the White Tower stopped being a prison and instead it become the symbol of the city.

The White Tower is operating as a museum since December 1985. In our days the Museum of Byzantine Culture is organizing the exhibits of the White Tower Museum with mission to present Thessaloniki’s city history through time. It is a difficult task for a city with more than 2300 years of existence but the use of many digital technologies and the fact that it is hosted in such historic building made it possible. The visitors of Thessaloniki city should not miss the chance to visit the White Tower Museum. The museum is ideal for people who want to connect the pieces of Thessaloniki’s puzzle through time. At the top of the building there is an area that will reward everybody with its magnificent view.

Address: Leoforos Nikis 77, 54621 Thessaloniki, Greece
Open Hours: Tuesday-Sunday:08:30-15:00
Phone: 0030 2310267832
Website: Thessaloniki White Tower Museum

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