Thessaloniki Unesco Church of Saint Nicolas Orhpan

Thessaloniki Unesco Church of Saint Nicolas Orhpan

The church of “Saint Nicholas the Orphan”, is inside the old city of Thessaloniki, very close to the east city walls and its old Castle.

The Church of “Saint Nicholas the Orphan” dates back to the Byzantine period, the beginning of 14th century (approx.1310-1320). It is well known for its frescoes that cover almost all its interior walls. The frescoes were painted by a Serbian monk during the same period the church was built and illustrate scenes from the lives of many saints and prophets including the Saint Nicholas. The frescoes are kept in very good condition which is a very rare compared to frescoes that were found in other monuments of Thessaloniki from the same period.

The name Saint Nicholas the Orphan comes orphan either because Saint Nicholas was the patron saint of the orphans and widows or either because in the past there was an orphan house inside the church’s yard.
In our days, the church of Saint Nicholas the Orphan is surrounded by a beautiful green yard which could be a nice stop for rest for any passenger of the area. If you decide to visit the church you will be surprised by the beauty of the small houses that are close to it that transfer you back in time. If you happen to be visiting Thessaloniki in Spring or late summer / autumn we recommend you to visit the area on foot.

Address: Kodrou 14, Thessaloníki 54634, Greece
Open Hours:
Phone: 0030 231 0214497

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