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Thessaloniki Unesco Church | Latomou Monastery | Osios David

Latomou Monastery – Osios David, is a located at the old city of Thessaloniki, very close to the area were Agias Sofias street ends as we walk to reach, at the north of the city, its old town. It is a very small but historic monastery, which was built upon the ruins of a Roman period building, during the early Byzantine times (late 5th to early 6th century).

The term Latomou which means Quarry that was given to the monastery probably comes from that fact that within the area of the monastery stone-quarries were found. Half of the monastery is inside a cave from a natural stone. The Latomou monastery is known for its early byzantine times(late 5th century) well preserved mosaic which illustrates the scene of Vision of Ezekiel with the Christ at a young age ascending into Heaven on a mandorla above the four rivers of Eden, on the banks of which the prophets Ezekiel and Habakkuk are seated. The visitor of the Latomou monastery can also view wall-paintings of great significance which date back to approx. 1160.

The dedication of Latomou monastery, to Saint David of Thessaloniki was made in 1921 to honor the saint who lived in this area of the city, for three years on a tree, as a hermit during the 6th AD century.
Possibly, in the 16th century the Catholic converted into a mosque.

Latomou monastery, is a place that should be not missed and could be combined with a beautiful walk at Thessaloniki’s old city. For those who would like sightseeing it is a great attraction as the view from its yard is magnificent!!

Address: Mironos 1-3, Thessaloníki 54634, Greece
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Sundays: 10.00 to 14.00
Phone:+30 2310221506

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