World Naked Bike Ride

World Naked Bike Ride

Thessaloniki’s Naked Bike Ride, is part of an international movement that started in Vancouver, Canada in 2004 (WNBR). Thessaloniki joined the movement in 2008 and in June 27 of the same year the first Naked Bike Ride took place in the city. Since then the event is organized annually every year in June and hundreds of people participate.

The purpose of the event is to promote cycling as a means of transportation against the culture of cars and the pollution they create, against also our dependency in oil and in favour of ecology, de-criminalization of the naked body and a healthy way of living.

If you fancy cycling and would like to join the Bike Ride in June, it is very simple, just take your bike or rent one and go to Aristotelous very close to the Ancient Roman market. This is the starting point of the Naked Bike Ride event. The streets of Thessaloniki will be full of people in a celebration and happy mood!

Thessaloniki Naked Bike Ride Photo Gallery

Additional information about Thessaloniki’s Bike Ride event can be found at:

Website: Thessaloniki Bike Ride
Facebook: Thessaloniki Bike Ride Facebook Page
Cycling Group: Thessaloniki cycling group webpage

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