Food Festival

Food Festival

Thessaloniki, is a city that offers hundreds of choices related to food, numerous restaurants of a variety of cuisines and budgets and as such it satisfies every taste. With this background in mind, Thessaloniki’s food festival was founded in 2011 in order to promote and upgrade the local gastronomy of the city and make it known and affordable to the citizens of the city and its tourists. In addition to this, the city’s Food festival scopes to determine the culinary identity of Thessaloniki and promote Thessaloniki’s and Greece’s local food through a variety of associated efforts (discussions, tours, lectures and events).

The Food Festival takes place during the full year and one of its most popular achievements is the 10 euro menu every Tuesday night that is supported by approx. 40 restaurants in the city (up until today). The restaurants that register in this service every Tuesday night are able to offer to their customers choices from quality food menus that cost 10euros per person. For food lovers this is the perfect motive to search for restaurants that they are not familiar with and try new tastes.

Whenever you plan to visit the city don’t forget about this option and don’t be afraid to try any of the restaurants. The food in Thessaloniki is extremely tasty and you will be very pleased for sure.

Food Festival Gallery

Additional information about the Food Festival can be found at:

Website: Thessaloniki Food Festival
Phone: 0030 2313318215 or 2313318216
Facebook: Thessaloniki Food Festival Facebook Page

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