International Great Alexander Marathon View

International Great Alexander Marathon View

The Great Alexander Marathon, takes place every April since 2006 in Thessaloniki. It is the first marathon event that was organized in the city. Based on the history, the name ‘marathon’ takes its name from an event that took place in 490B.C. when the soldier Phedippides (who was born in Marathon), ran a very big distance in order to inform the Athenians about a Greek victory. When he did manage to inform the Athenians he fall dead due to the exhaustion.

In the Great Alexander marathon, the athletes, who come from all over the world, run a distance of 42.195 kilometers from Pella (the ancient capital of Macedonia Greece) to Thessaloniki (the current capital of Macedonia Greece) but there are also smaller distances that can be rθn (10km and 5km) for participants who believe that they will not manage end successfully the full marathon. The route is of low difficulty with small fluctuations in altitude levels .

The Great Alexander Marathon is a very popular event in the city of Thessaloniki and is becoming more and more significant. In 2014 almost 14000 athletes participated in the marathon which is a very big success considering that in 2006 the participants were only 800. If you are an athletic type and are planning to visit Thessaloniki during April you might consider participating in the event. But, even if running is not your talent, for sure you will love the experience of watching such a marathon from the Leoforos Nikis avenue.

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