Thessaloniki Half Night Marathon

Thessaloniki Half Night Marathon

Thessaloniki’s Half Night Marathon is taking place annually every October since 2012. It is a night marathon that was created due to the increasing demand in this sport which was obvious from the big interest that was shown in participating in the Great Alexander Marathon. The half marathon covers half the distance (21.095km) of the Great Alexander Marathon that covers a distance of 42.195km.

The half marathon takes place inside the central avenues of Thessaloniki. It is a very popular marathon that gives to the participants the opportunity to run free inside the main streets of the city without though the presence of any cars. The feeling and the scenery is great! The half marathon passes also from the Leoforos Stratou avenue which is the avenue that separates the Thermaikos Bay from the city. It is the long avenue with the busy cafes, bars and restaurants of Thessaloniki.

Participants who cannot run the full half night marathon can also choose to run a shorter version (5000km) which symbolizes their efforts for healthy living.

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