International Sailing Regatta

International Sailing Regatta

Greece is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and the love the Greeks have for the sea is unquestionable. The city of Thessaloniki is in front of Thermaikos Bay and due to this the sea is an integral part of the people’s life. In such a city a nautical club could not be missed. The yachting club, friends of the sea is located in the New Paralia. It was founded in 1946 and has members many people who love water sports. The club is dynamically activated and has many distinctions in national and international level.

The friends of the sea yachting club in October 2011 organized in Thessaloniki in cooperation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Greek Sailing Federation the first International Sailing Regatta. Since then, the International Sailing Regatta is organized every year in September or October. The regatta is growing in popularity year by year and many clubs, from all over the world, participate in the event.

If you are a yachting fan as well you might consider participating in the event of watching it from Thermaikos Bay.

Additional information about Thessaloniki’s International Sailing Regatta can be found at:

Website: Friends of the Sea Yachting Club
Phone: 0030 2310 831333
Facebook: Thessaloniki International Sailing Regatta Facebook Page

Rent a boat in Greece | Rent a Yacht

If you enjoy boating, you do not have your own boat, but would you be interested in renting one, you can do it in Thessaloniki. This way you will be able to travel in the Aegean and Ionian Sea and see the Greek islands and the most beautiful beaches of Greece. Very close to Thessaloniki is also Halkidiki which is famous for its beautiful beaches and Sea Surface. If you rent a boat from Thessaloniki you will be able to access paradise beaches which you will never forget. Probably though this experience will turn you into a fan of the Greek nature and make you want to visit it every summer. It is not by coincidence that many tourists who visit Greece decide to buy houses in the Greek islands as they love the style of living and the feeling. So be ready for it.

Thessaloniki Marina

One more thing that should be mentioned here is the Thessaloniki Marina. For those of you who have their own yachts or are planning to rent one for your holidays and would like to pass from Thessaloniki just have in mind that there is a marina to park your boat. It is located in Kalamaria area, very close to a very busy place during all times of the day and the night.

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